Weed control

Elco has various machines in its range for both mechanical and chemical weed control.
For both front and rear mounting on the tractor, with quick coupling or normal mounting. Semi-autonomous (GPS), self-steering or manually operated. Combination of moving weeds, hoes, finger weeders and row sprayer with low volume system.

Powered cradle / weed harrow

Two beams with two rows of harrow teeth each, placed behind each other, make an up and down movement of 20 cm. This pulls out young germinating seed weeds. The construction with 4 harrow tines in a row allows a higher speed to be driven.
Depending on the crop, the speed of the harrow tines is adjusted hydraulically. The machine has a standard passage of 70cm and is available in a single bed and triple version.
To remove weeds during growth with minimal pesticides, harrows can be used.
As soon as the plants grow denser (or are very vulnerable) hoeing in combination with finger weeding gives a good result. Hoeing in combination with air pressure ensures an even more reliable result.

Row elements and tool carriers

The Elco row elements can be used flexibly and constructed in a modular way. Each element has its own independent suspension, which is virtually maintenance free due to its construction. Large wheels with robust bearings and semi-air tyres.
The elements are built on beams that can be connected both in front of and behind the tractor.
Suspension with our quick coupling system to an Elco lifting mast, hoe mast or standard front linkage are possible.

Spray caps

Elco has a large number of standard spray hoods in its assortment. Specific hoods are used to protect the crop from pesticides. Standard hoods are available in straight, angled and extra low versions. (galvanized steel and stainless steel) No dripping and can be removed without tools by the cap holder with membrane.
To minimize the use of pesticides, the set can also be delivered with a low volume system. (10-30 ltr / ha)

Hoes and finger weeders

All elements have a standardised mounting which allows hoes, finger weeders and other tools to be mounted in addition to spray hoods.
For 3-row at 50cm up to 5-row at 22,5cm possible.

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