Lifting and transport

Elco has various solutions for the lifting, transport and storage of plants.

Front lift mast

The compact construction in which the heavy forklift profiles and lifting cylinders are mounted one behind the other ensures maximum visibility for the tractor. The front lifting mast is available with a front linkage or a fixed attachment. The tilt cylinders are then located on the underside of the tractor so that the bonnet remains accessible.
Available in standard lifting heights of 1.6 – 2.1 – 2.7 and 3.1 metres and suitable for any type of tractor with a lifting capacity of 2000 kg. The standard forklift forks are heavy duty (solid), adjustable in width and 1.25m long.
In addition to the standard version, a light version is available for lighter tractors.

Hoeing machine

A light mast is available especially for the coupling of implement beams such as spray hoods and/or hoe elements. The mast is easy to use and maintain and is available in both fixed and demountable versions.

Pallet carriers

The Elco pallet carriers are simple and above all robust. Standard delivered with solid and folding forks.

Lift mast accessories

Various accessories are available for lift masts, such as pallet clamps, box cutters and quick couplers for implements.

pallet-stacking rack

Ferro pallet

Available from stock in two standard sizes

  • 1370 x 1000 mm, poles 1500mm
  • 1970 x 1020 mm, posts 2000mm

Sorting table

The foldable plant sorting tables have clear cut dimensions. Suitable for plants up to about 2 meters. Hot-dip galvanized and folded away from the floor.

sorting table

Binding machine

The Rasspe tying machines are suitable for the quick bundling of plants. The tying machine has both a power and a PTO connection.


For both internal and road transport Elco can offer various standard solutions.


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