Elco has various machines in its range for pre- and post-processing. Levelling, milling, compacting, preparing drainage and watering.


For the levelling of your ground we offer our land grader This machine is available in the following widths: 2.5 to 5 metres. You can adjust the depth of your machine with the hydraulically operated wheels mounted at the rear. The land grader is also fitted with an angle adjustment as standard. By operating this hydraulic cylinder, you can angle the entire land grader. The machine is equipped with a removable manganese steel blade. The 5-metre land grader can be folded out on both sides. By folding it you can move on the public road.

land roll

Land roll

To level and compact the soil, the Elco land rollers can be filled completely with water. Hydraulically operated wheels for road transport and an empty weight of 2600 kg. The roller consists of 2 bearings so that turning in the field is easy.

Drainage and watering

To improve the supply and discharge of water, Elco has a number of machines. Including drainage moles that make it easy to install drainage panels.
For efficient watering of fields, a special machine has been developed to easily lay and roll up hoses.

Drainage and watering

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