Harvesting and grubbing

Elco has various machines in its range for harvesting plants. From the simple lifting and shaking off of your crop to the fully automatic picking up and transporting of it.

Depending on the plant type, substrate and throughput size, the machines are available in different configurations.

In our warehouse we have various models in stock.

Plant pick-up / pick-up

Reliable harvesting of plants at a high rate is possible with the Elco triple tedder and pick-up. The short design and the steered axle give the machine a small turning circle. This has the great advantage that you can easily steer the planting bed up and down. The ergonomically designed platform and lifting device at the rear ensure a good working position. Standard equipped with an extendable drawbar, which makes the plants fall directly from the vibrating screen onto the pick-up conveyor, making the combination also very suitable for small plants.

Shakers SL3V with moving blade

Elco plant lifter shakers are robustly built and suitable for shaking (almost) all types of plants. Due to the balanced grids and the moving manganese steel cutting blade, the machine feels very quiet on the tractor. As standard, the triple hay loader is equipped with two height-adjustable wheels at the front and two hydraulically adjustable and ground-following wheels at the rear. The triple agitator is prepared for use in combination with the planter.

Shaker SL2BM with moving blade

This machine is equipped with movable cutting blade and two shaking grids. These extremely solid machines are particularly suitable for shaking small plants and seedlings. At the rear, machine is equipped with hydraulically height-adjustable and bottom-following wheels.

Shaker SL2V with fixed cutting blade

Machines with two shaking grids and a V-shaped manganese steel blade. Depending on the type of soil and track width, the machine is available in different sizes and with different grids.

U-knife plant lifter shaker SL3U

With this harvester you can selectively harvest between the plants to give more space to growing plants (For example from 5 to 3 rows).
The blades are removable and adjustable over the full width of the machine.
Front and rear wheels can be fitted in the same configurations as the shaker.

Side harvester

For lifting large plants or trees. This machine is equipped with one moving U-shaped manganese steel knife and separately adjustable shaking grid. Due to the cutting movement of the blade (small stroke) and the adjustable stroke of the tedding grid, this machine is quiet on the tractor and the plants are still well shaken. The angled manganese steel blade cuts without slipping (available in various widths up to a maximum of 80 cm). Two hydraulic adjustable wheels are mounted at the rear to keep the machine stable and straight (large wheels 11,5 x 15″).

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